The RAV4 Has Many Outstanding Features

The RAV4 is known as a unique SUV crossover, and this means it is great for people who like to drive both trucks and cars. It is also great for people with both small and large families.

One of the best features of this car is the lane departure alert system, and this system is automatically activated once the car reaches a speed of 30mph. This alert system signals the driver when the car swerves too much to the right or left. The driver will then know to center their car in their lane.

Another great feature is the dynamic radar control. This is activated by a sensor on the front of the car that actively studies the cars ahead. If the cars ahead are going to slow, the radar control will cause the driver to slow down a bit. We at Mark Toyota want you to experience these great features, and you can conveniently do so since we are located in Plover, WI.




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