A Smart Key and a Smart Entertainment System Keeps Kids and Parents Happy In the Toyota Sienna

Do you want a vehicle that will keep your kids entertained on long car rides? Do you want a vehicle that has the smart features that will make loading and unloading it a snap? If you do, then you should check out the ever-popular Toyota Sienna for your next minivan. With comfort and convenience features that will make you want to take those long car rides, the Toyota Sienna is ideal.

The Smart Key fob, gives you the ability to unlock and open doors without getting out a set of keys or putting down the items in your hands. The Blu-Ray Disc entertainment system will also keep two children with differing tastes in entertainment happy because it can play two separate movies at the same time.

Come to our showroom in Plover, WI if you're interested in learning more about the Sienna, and we'll let you take this minivan for a test drive.

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