Accident Protection in the 2019 Toyota Prius C

While most drivers in Plover do all they can to avoid a collision, it's always good to have a vehicle that can keep you protected if the unexpected happens. The 2019 Toyota Prius C is a popular compact hybrid hatchback. It's engineered to provide you with protection and safety.

The body of the Prius C has a unique design that manipulates the force of impact during a collision. There are crumple zones on the front and back. These areas will absorb the energy before it makes it to the main cabin. This design is accompanied by nine separate airbags. Built-in sensors measure the impact and will adjust the force of deployment accordingly.

We here at Mark Toyota are eager to give you a tour of the 2019 Prius C. Our dedicated sales team will show you around the various models and let you take one out for a test drive.



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