Toyota's Entune Gives Passengers Various Multimedia Options

Entune by Toyota is a convenient technology that helps passengers use media tools in unique ways. If you want options while navigating and unwinding during long road trips, a Toyota vehicle that's equipped with Entune is worth considering.

Toyota markets Entune has an audio tool; however, the hardware can be used to tackle other tasks. If you only want to enjoy music using Entune, you use the basic hardware to play AM and FM radio stations or your favorite CDs. In order to use Entune as a travel tool, you'll need to upgrade to Entune Premium Audio. This package can help you explore new areas as it features an integrated navigation system.

An Entune system has Bluetooth hardware, which means that the technology can be used while focusing on the road. If you want to experience how Entune operates, visit Mark Toyota today. We arrange test drives so that people in Plover and check out all of the main Entune features.



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