Look at the Safety Features on the Toyota C-HR

Take a look at some of the safety features on this popular subcompact SUV. The Toyota C-HR has a feature that will keep you visible to other drivers, even if you forget to turn on your headlights. And it will help you avoid pedestrians and other vehicles, even if you fail to stop.

When you're driving down a highway, you might need to turn your high beams on and off to see deer when there aren't other vehicles but also avoid blinding other drivers when a vehicle is coming from the opposite direction. With the automatic high beams, your vehicle automatically senses when another vehicle is present and turns them on and off for you.

And you don't want to side-swipe another vehicle. The Toyota C-HR has a feature that senses with radar when a vehicle or pedestrian is present and alert you. With the pre-collision system, you'll avoid other vehicles and pedestrian because your car will apply the brakes if you fail to do so.



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