The New Toyota Prius is a Hatchback for Holdouts!

Are you the last person on your block to own a non-hybrid car? Maybe you worry about an electric or hybrid car's ability to handle Plover road conditions, especially on rainy or snowy days. Maybe you're waiting for an electric car that rides like a 'regular' car. Toyota has a solution in the latest model Prius, it's called the AWD-e.

AWD-e is the available Electric All Wheel Drive that new Prius' are equipped with. This unique system provides traction at speeds up to 43 miles per hour and also provides the highest fuel efficiency of any AWD vehicle, regardless of brand. Prius also offers a roomy, comfortable interior and a whisper quiet motor that any car enthusiast could learn to appreciate.

Take the new Prius for a test drive and see for yourself! The friendly associates here at Mark Toyota are happy to schedule one for you.



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