The 2019 Toyota Prius Makes Itself Known

The 2019 Toyota Prius is a popular and stylish small size hybrid vehicle. Unlike many vehicles of its type, the Toyota Prius takes great pains to make itself seen and to also allow drivers to see better. Key to this effort is the Toyota LED headlight system and also its LED daytime running lights.

The Toyota Prius features special Bi-LED headlights that also include projector features in their designs. Bi-LED headlights cast longer and brighter beams, and the projector feature helps to focus these beams even more. The bottom line is much greater illumination and therefore vision for drivers. Plus, the Prius headlights also offer an auto-off feature for driver convenience.

The Toyota Prius also goes far toward helping other drivers see it during the day. It features special daytime LED running lights at strategic points around the vehicle. The special LED daytime lights are easily visible at reasonable distances in various types of weather conditions. In addition, drivers who would rather have their lights deactivated during the day can do so with the included on off switch.



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