Toyota has always been an automaker you can count on, and that hasn't changed with the Avalon model. There is a reason it is one of the most popular full-size sedans in Plover and around the country. Part of what makes it successful is its performance features.


The aerodynamic design of the Avalon is quite impressive. For one, the vehicle comes with tangential vents on the side of the vehicle. The vehicle also has some underbody panels that help fight drag, making it an even more fuel-efficient vehicle.

True Stability

The vehicle also comes with AVS or an adaptive variable suspension system that determines when you need a little help controlling your vehicle. The vehicle makes necessary damping adjustments, which gives you more control over the road. This vehicle comes with a Sport Mode that makes this feature even more effective if you are driving fast.

These are just some of the performance features we think you are going to like. The Avalon is here and ready for you to test drive whenever you are ready.


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