Keep on Moving with the Toyota 4Runner

When you are looking for a great off-road full-sized SUV at Mark Toyota, we believe you will be drawn to the Toyota 4Runner and its range of features. The Toyota 4Runner has several packages that can help you to live your dreams of heading off the beaten path to some areas of Plover that few have experienced.

Among the many reasons why the 4Runner is a great choice for off-road driving is the Multi-Terrain Select feature that allows you to select the kind of terrain and the steepness of each incline that allows you to avoid wheelspin. When you are moving off-road, you can be slowed by the problem of rear-wheel spinning that can slow your movement. The Toyota 4Runner addresses this problem with the locking rear differential that keeps power moving evenly between your rear wheels even when they are off the ground to improve your ability to climb even the most inaccessible trails.


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